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Crafts Council Support for Makers

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Support for Makers

I’m very biased about the Crafts Council. When we were writing our business plan for the shop and artists’ studios, I often whipped out a Craft Council report to back us up and renew our energy!

We know why we love Craft, but the Crafts Council put it in a way that helps convince a bank to give you a loan! Their research is evidence based and they are the biggest cheerleaders for the UK Craft industry.

But if you are a maker who maybe hasn’t come across the Crafts Council, or you don’t know much about them, I just wanted to highlight a section on their website for you called Makers Support.

So Makers Support is the big ol’ umbrella section, under which sits all the support the Craft Council offers. Such as Supporting Craft Businesses, Craft Business Resources, Opportunities, Join the Directory and a few others.

Supporting Craft Businesses.

In a nutshell, as a maker, you can access one-to-one advice from the Crafts Council as well as a library of helpful resources.

One-to-one advice sessions

If you need advice about your own practice or craft business, you can email the Talent Development Team for one-to-one advice sessions.

It’s worth saying at this point that the Craft Council’s focus is always going to be on professional makers rather than those making for a hobby.

How do I know if Craft Council support is for me?

If you’re a maker trying to carve out a living from your craft, the Craft Council it’s very much geared towards you and supporting you.

If it all started out as a hobby, but you’ve got a dream to make a living from it, it’s also absolutely geared to helping you get started.

But if you make as a hobby and you don’t really need any support as such….well, there’s your answer.

Craft Business Resources.

Now anyone can access their library of practical resources called Craft Business Resources. These are set out as very friendly and easy to navigate posts. However, be warned, the posts have been divided into the three incredibly serious categories of marketing, finance and logistics! Which kinda separates the grown-ups from the kids.

Again, I’m not sure it’s intentional but it does make the point, this is about livelihoods from craft and making sure professional makers are supported in the UK. But the posts are brilliant, everything from how to price your work, to working with galleries, to selling online and so on.

Big Opportunities. Huge.

Another part of the Makers Support is opportunities.

And this is where organisations post commission or open calls for makers, prizes, advertise studio space for rent etc.

My side tip: Another great site is curatorspace for opportunities, open calls and really interesting projects. Not just for makers, loads of artists opportunities as well.

Where do I sign up?

If you are interested in accessing some of this Grade A support from the Makers Support Section, the best advice from the Talent Development Team is to

1) sign up for the makers’ newsletter and get direct emails with support, opportunities and guidance

2) join facebook groups for makers @CraftOpportunities.

To be continued….

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