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Meet the Artist | Jonny Bainbridge | Exhibiting Artist

by | May 18, 2021 | Meet the Artist

Artist, Jonny Bainbridge is exhibiting throughout May at Spacecraft Westbury. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be in Jonny’s company and to see his artwork on the walls. I wanted to speak about my favourite painting in his exhibition before we hear from the man himself!  

Habits & Rituals, Wormholes & Fear, oil painting by Jonny Bainbridge.

It is like an old botanical illustration but created with scrapes into thick layers of paint, forming silver leaves, stems, petals – all on the verge of decay. It reminded me of pen & ink botanical illustrations I’d seen.  I assumed it was something 19th Century. But I had to go back much further.

Star of Bethlehem and other plants, by Leonardo da Vinci. (PD-Art)


I didn’t know the title of Jonny’s painting until the day after I first saw it.  My reaction is to tell this story.  I visited the Booth museum once. Cabinet after cabinet filled with stuffed birds and animals, not just some species now extinct, but many species now extinct.  And all I got walking round was a sense of waste and death, the grotesque vanity of Man. Twee Tableaus of death with absolutely no living beauty left.

Death confronts you in the Booth Museum as a sickening feeling.

Back to the painting, the beauty of life is leaving. But it isn’t sickening. It’s a moment of clarity.

Jonny very kindly wrote some words about his own work and his exhibition below.


Welcome to the Art exhibition of Jonny Bainbridge

Hi. A little bit about myself. I originally hail from the North East of England and for the last 30 years, have made the beautiful and timeless county of West Wiltshire, my home.

After many years involved in pursuits such as music and creative building and landscaping projects, I discovered the thrills of painting, in particular oil painting, a few years ago. How I made this discovery, or rather, how this discovery made me, is a tale of chance and happenstance in itself, and one that I am truly thankful for. One for the campfire for sure. What began as a fun doodle and dabble, has grown to be my single greatest passion. As a keen mountain biker and passionate lover of the outdoors, I soon discovered and drew from the endless well of inspiration from the ancient and evocative landscape around me. The myths and legends surrounding this landscape only seek to add to this inspiration. Being acutely aware of the micro and macrocosmic relation between ourselves and the incredible world we live in, I seek to identify and portray my place in this universe, through my art. I don’t seek to adhere myself to a particular style, rather to express freely, whatever mood or emotion I feel at the time of picking up a brush. Every day is a new day and I truly believe that life is art and art is life.

If you would like more information about myself and my art, purchase a painting or print, or simple a catch up for an informal chat, please contact through any of the channels below and/or, take a card.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here. It means the world to me. Please feel free to leave a comment in the comments book. xx

Jonny Bainbridge



Instagram @Jonny.B.Art

Facebook : Jonny B. ARt




Jonny’s solo exhibition runs throughout May and closes on Saturday 29 May at 6pm. Free admission.

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