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Meet the Artist | Interview with Anna Perra

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Meet the Artist

    We sit down with artist, Anna Perra, following her first solo exhibition at Spacecraft Westbury in July. Anna paints beautiful and sensitive abstract artwork and it was an absolute pleasure to catch up….

    Hi Anna, thank you for doing this, let’s get straight into it! What would be your ideal artists’ retreat?

    The seaside has always been my greatest font of inspiration for art and in life in general. Morning exercise to start the day with energy and positive mind set. It would be ideal to join a retreat also with other artists to share techniques and knowing more about each of them and the way they think and express themselves while paintings, what inspire them and how the relate to other fellow artists.

    Has lockdown impacted the way you work? (If so, how?)

    As for many people the lock down was quite depressing, for me, being a single woman was an excuses to  be concentrated even more on experimenting new techniques, styles and learn more by trying, making mistakes, rectify the mistakes and find the final satisfying result on each of my painting. It was fun and of course, the time I have spent on painting during the lock-down was nearly every day. This time of constant practice and exploring new ideas, has definitely impacted my self-confidence, gained more knowledge and more inspiration.


    Front Cover Bloodfellas
    Anna Perra Art
    Are there any artists who you study and who influence your work? What is it about their work?

    There are several famous past artists that I admire like Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock and Monet, but those are my inspiration in many ways. I feel their freedom in expressing themselves through their abstract-expressionism art is limitless.  Abstract for me is liberating the artist from the constrains of mimetic representations and give form to deeper realities than can be expressed by imitating appearance. No fear of the outside world judgments, in fact their art has revolutionised the way people use to looked at art, which lead them to create a new art movement, how impressive and motivating is that?

    Also, I currently follow a wonderful Artist called Nick Wilson – who has helped me enormously in dealing with my “inner critic”. Considering that I do not have and Art Degree, I tend to doubt myself quite often, and as a great perfectionist, that doesn’t help! Nick Wilson has many Art degrees, but he does not use the rules, he follows the Art principles. I agree totally with his way of explaining/teaching art, he pushed everyone to just “be ourselves”, dare to try with no fear.  If we are committed in learning by ourselves and be disciplined enough to dedicate every day a bit of time to develop our skills, use our creativity, everything becomes a fun game, no matter how many times you scrape a paint and do it again, just keep trying. I would like to define myself as an intuitive artist, I follow my instinct and just do it!  I carry with me those precious art principles I learnt from people like Nick Wilson and other current artists with so much appreciation.  Painting is now becoming part of my daily life, my joy, by motivation in everything I do. I feel fulfilled.

    I know that in the future you are working towards transferring your artwork into wearable art in the form of scarves – is this your next project? What’s next for Anna Perra?

    I start painting with that idea in mind yes, to transfer my artwork into fabric and create only women scarves – this still a project I want to make it real at some point, but it is not immediate. I am now focusing more on developing a pure abstract art…but with some twist in it, who knows what it will be, will see!

    Our wamest thanks to Anna for talking to us and for exhibiting with us.

    You can follow Anna on instagram @annaperraart



    Front Cover Bloodfellas
    Anna Perra Art
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