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Candle – Winter Night


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Back by popular demand this fragrance is our most complex to date. It has bold woody notes of amber and patchouli, spicy notes of incense and herbal floral hints of jasmine and violet.

It’s like a warm roaring fire on a cozy night in and is definitely not just for winter!

Top Notes: Green Leaf, Armoise, Coriander, Birch Tar, Eucalyptus, Pine, Lavender

Middle Notes: Incense, Jasmine, Violet

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetivert, Amber, Wood Smoke, Tonka

Candle Care
Never leave a candle unattended or place it near a draught
Burn candle out of reach of children, pets, flammable surfaces and liquids
Always trim your wick between burns, this will increase the longevity of your candle and give you a cleaner burn
Soy candles should never burn for more than four hours at a time and you should leave 5mm of wax at the bottom of the container so that the glassware does not overheat
Keep the wax clear of of matches and debris
Did we mention to trim your wick?
Trim your wick!!!!
Enjoy your Hopothecary candle


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